Top 10 Tanning Hacks

With the festive season upon us, and your Christmas party around the corner we have your best tanning tips covered…

  1. EXFOLIATE – Exfoliation is the key to a flawless tan! Scrubbing removes dead skin cells, opens pores and creates an ideal base for applying tan. 
  2. CLEANSE – To ensure a perfect all over tan, be sure to remove all deodorant, make-up and perfumes before applying.
  3. BARRIER CREAM – Apply ECO COCO Body Butter to areas that grab colour quickly such as elbows, knees, hands and feet!
  4. APPLY WITH CARE – Your tan will only be patchy if you miss a spot, so apply with care.
  5. USE A MITT – For even and flawless results, use your ECO COCO tanning mitt to prevent streaking and stained hands. Simply wipe the back of your hands with any excess tan to get an all over even tan.
  6. MIDDLE OUT – Apply the tan starting from the middle of your legs, stomach, arms and back and work your way out. This will prevent your tan developing patchy and streaky.
  7. CONTOUR – It’s all the rage! To define, sculpt and shape your body use your choice of ECO COCO tan as a ‘contour’ by darkening certain areas of your body. For example, apply an extra coat of tan along the outside of your legs for added definition.
  8. GO TO SLEEP – For the best results, apply your tan before you go to sleep. Ensure your tan is dry before jumping into bed, wear loose dark clothing. This way you limit the chance of smudging or wearing off the tan through daily activities.
  9. MOISTURISE – To extend the life of your tan, apply your ECO COCO tan extender daily. This is import as it also maintains hydration.
  10. REMOVE STAINS – To remove tan stained hands, combine coconut oil and your ECO COCO exfoliation glove with warm water and wash your hands thoroughly.