Coconut Based Shampoo & Conditioner: Ecococo Vegan Shampoos.

Let ECOCOCO connect you with organic shampoos, using our unique collection of certified ingredients to restore every strand and promote lush results. ECOCOCOo delivers vegan shampoo and conditioner to every client – helping them improve overall texture, fullness, appearance, and structure. Each formula penetrates both the scalp and the follicles, ensuring total protection. You can also buy our vegan shampoo on afterpay from our online store.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil Shampoo

Your hair suffers much in the name of beauty. Organic shampoos now counter that suffering, allowing you to continue to create bold new styles, without damaging every strand. Trust in:

Certified Organic Coconut Oil

ECOCOCO’s vegan shampoo embraces the many benefits of coconut oil. This extract – with its collection of Capric acids, Lauric acids, and Vitamin E fusions – instantly repairs even the most damaged follicles. Its rich formula weaves within each strand, restoring moisture and improving texture. It also encourages protein generation to increase overall strength.

Certified Chamomile

Our coconut shampoo doesn’t merely repair hair. It also soothes the skin, with chamomile extracts working gently against the scalp. This all-natural property helps to relieve irritation and reduce dandruff.

Certified Aloe Extract

Coconut oil shampoo now combines with aloe vera. This plant extract maintains hair’s natural pH balance, promoting optimal hydration and health. It also acts as an effective detangler, eliminating excess frizz and creating a soft texture.

Certified Berry Extracts

The benefits of berries are well-documented, but vegan shampoo applies them in unexpected ways. Acai and goji extracts encourage follicle growth, helping to improve the overall fullness and texture of hair. They also enhance colour, creating more vibrant highlights, lowlights, and shading.

Through these organic properties, our coconut shampoo revitalizes every strand of hair – allowing you to embrace your inner stylist without fearing long-term damage.

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