Best Self Tanning Organic Tan Lotions

Looking for the Best Self Tanning Lotion with Organic Benefits? Shop ECOCOCO for the Ultimate Bronze Glow.

Self tanning lotion is a fantastic alternative to traditional tanning that won’t ruin, damage, or fry your skin. Self tanning lotions merely cover your skin with a glow that mimics the bronzing of natural tanners. However, despite the so-called health benefits associated with self tanning lotions, there were many users who were cautious of all of the chemical ingredients, some of which they could not even pronounce the names of.

Many self tanning lotions are packed full of potentially harmful chemical ingredients or just unnatural ingredients that many tanners did not want to rub all over their bodies. Of course, this meant neglecting the ability to get that sun-kissed looked that so many people coveted. But the risks seemed to outweigh the benefits, leaving many wishing there was a better product on the market.

That is why ECOCOCO, an organic supplier of hair, beauty, and tanning lotions and supplies, developed the best tanning lotion of all, an organic tan lotion that lovers of bronze hues could use safely and effectively.

ECOCOCO – Why Their Organic Tan Lotions are the Best Self Tanning Lotions

The organic tan lotions offered by ECOCOCO are made from 80% certified organic products that are never tested on animals. Unlike many companies boasting organic tan lotions, ECOCOCO offers the best in self tanning lotions – they never use organic ingredients simply because they are organic.

This means that when you buy self tanning lotions from ECOCOCO, you’ll know that they are not only organic; they also actually work. They are not just adding more organic coconut oil or acai berries in just to make their product organic. They are only adding ingredients that will help you get a beautifully bronzed glow, while ensuring they also happen to be organic. They also contain organic materials (fully listed online) with tremendous health benefits for your skin and body.

The Range of ECOCOCO Self Tanning Lotions

ECOCOCO offers one primary self tanning lotion, ECOCOCO Tan, in addition to a Tan Extender that helps boost the life of your self tanning glow. They also carry their ECOCOCO Tan lotion in many combo packs, including the Mermaid Trio Pack (with the Tan Extender and a brand new body wash) and the Go Crazy for Coconuts Pack (along with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and exfoliating glove, deodorant, and complimentary toiletry bag).

Their tanning lotion works by massaging it all over your body. Within 6 to 8 hours, you’ll begin to notice the colour illuminating across your skin. You can use it as needed to develop as deep of a tan as possible that is safe and healthy for your body.

This summer, get that perfect bronze glow with an organic tan lotion you’ll feel confident sporting. Skip harsh ingredients and sun damage and flaunt your bikini in style with ECOCOCO Self Tan Lotion. To find out more or get it now, visit